Institute of Technology of Materials

The idea of the creation of the Technological Institute of Materials appears initially with the will of 5 research groups belonging to the Polytechnic University of Valencia that work in the areas of knowledge of Materials Science and Technology, to coordinate their human and technological capital, and to offer to the productive sectors a more useful service.

The Research & Development groups making up the Technological Institute of Materials are:

§  Materials Research Group (GIMAT)

§  Polymers Degradation & Recycling Group (DREMAP)

§  Building Materials in Architecture Group. (MACOARQ)

§  Metallurgy and Composite Materials Group. (METCOMP)

§  Plastic Materials Processing & Classification Group (GPCMP)

The ITM aim is to bring closer businesses to the capacities and available resources in the Polytechnic University of Valencia in the field of materials. The groups making up the ITM decided to join efforts according to the following considerations:

§  The importance of materials research has become evident with the continuous projects of research set up by the competent organizations at both national and international levels.

§  The demand of materials research exceeds the human resources of available researchers.

§  A high degree of specialization of the researchers is needed in order to reach the high levels of technical requirements.

§  The required infrastructure resources are very sophisticated and various.

Therefore, with the firm decision to provide a satisfactory service to the businesses, the Technological Institute of Materials initiated his activities in 2005. The ITM mission is to offer to the fields of business, industry and construction, a comprehensive service of Research & Development that gives a satisfactory answer to the technological and research needs in the field of Materials, their process and their treatment.